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Hello all that can currently see this Journal. (Those from Luceti)
This journal is going to be reused! So if you do not want to see random posts,
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[Kohaku has been quiet for a while. She's been in the forest most of the time, to find new things, and animals, but most notably can currently be seen from her journal. Placed at just the right distance away from a new and very pretty tree she found. (Though with a few less colors.) But the silence is broken soon by her laughing. This is something very new to her, even if other people can't hear it, it looks so new.

And the amazement is quite clear in her voice.

I've seen so many plants before, but this is the first one that I've ever found to have more than one personality!

...I have no idea how I'm supposed to talk to it though...Talking to more than one plant at a time is already confusing enough...

[Then much later in the day-]

Uhm...I've been avoiding asking this for a long time, there anyone that would be willing to teach me how to swim? I've never been in a lot of water, but I always hear that it's a lot of fun...

And it seems a little strange to be so old and have never tried it before...though I haven't tried a lot of things.

Maybe it might be a good idea to make a list of things I should try some day...

...That would be a really long list...

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[Kohaku has been gone for what seems like over a month, and all she really wants to do is go home...easier said than done.

Upon standing up, she tries a simple spell. The one she uses to change her clothes, but something else happens. Instead that little spider roaming up a nearby tree has found itself to be 100 times bigger, and on the ground. It even seems to scream (however a squider screams) the same time as Kohaku does. She likes insects, but not when they're almost as big as her.]

I-I'm sorry! I was just-...I didn't mean to! Just hold on! [She hurries to try another, but the spider is long gone before it happens. It's not a bad one at least, just one of these pops up somewhere in the village. If one looks at it, they have a nice view of Kohaku from above, only a few leaves blocking it, it's just pretty clear she doesn't know it's there because for a long while.

Within the next ten minute she's gone through a lot of spells. (One grew the grass up around her as high as her knees, the forrest around her had a nice soak of water, quite a few flower species are growing sideways on the trees, etc.]

I give up! I just wanted clean clothes. [And in her last attempt, quite a few bolts of lightning shoot out from around here.

Hope no one gets tased...]

[ooc: Hey, hedi back from the dead. Rikku soon to follow~ ^-^ missed it here.]

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I've been here so long, and I should've wondered this before...does anyone know just how high up the barrier goes? It's not very important, but it  sounds like a good question...maybe I should've tried it.

Oh...and Okita...I found a cat...I was wondering if I could keep her. [She has to ask...there are already a few animals in the house.

Later in the day Kohaku can be found on a bench in the middle of town, but she's not alone. Wrapped up in a scarf that's in her lap is indeed, a fluffy little white kitten. Luckily she knows enough about cats so she doesn't need to ask anyone how to take care of them. So she can be seen happily giving it small bites of cheese.

And if anyone around during one awkward moment, well...her face just say's 'something is wrong'.


Well she finally got the guts to take a bite of cheese. One she specifically found only made out of cheese and minerals. And after going 300 years of only having milk and honey...well, it tastes weird, and she doesn't know how to's a miracle she doesn't look sick.]

Much later in the day, she returns to her journal]

Just...what is cheese supposed to taste like..?

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[Kohaku is quite confused about all the new people, so instead of saying hello to each one she sees (Because that might take forever) She can be found up in random trees in the village, just watching. It's a very interesting day to people watch.]

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[New people! And a bunch of them. Of course Rikku does nothing else but search for somebody from her world. She did try to just stay inside with her new black and white vision, but this is just to interesting to see. ]

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[Of course Yuffie can't stay inside when there's all these new people around. She's even found a nice tree to lean against to watch everybody go by. Though she's sort of hiding herself. She currently has her DoC hooded cape on, with the hood up and hiding most of her face...Just in case she sees someone from her world.

Maybe she can sneak up on them.]
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[Today was as good of a day as it can get for Kohaku to be out. But today she's doing something new. There are still quite a few trees with leaves on them, and she's decided to help them out a little. From morning to mid-day people will be able to see something interesting at the very least.

Every tree around town with a bit too many leaves left Kohaku can be spotted as close to the middle of the tree as possible, and instantly every single leaf that's ready to come off the tree will puff right out and fall to the ground without the tree even moving. But don't worry about them leaving a big mess, a gust of wind will bring them all back to the base of the tree, nice and neat. Since she would've felt horrible if she had to harvest any of the food people were, this is the most she can do.

Later in the day though she can be found seriously staring down two foods in particular. Given that's she's never even really looked at any food other than milk and honey, she doesn't have a clue about ingredients, let alone know that they're even there. Which is why she's staring food down for a long while before going to her journal.]

...This may seem like a strange question, but I've been thinking about it for a long time.

What's added to milk to make cheese and yogurt?

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[During that last experiment, Kohaku was fortunate enough to spend five days worrying over a kid that was quite possibly scared of her, as well as probably hating her...but one of her best friends when older. Kohaku was not ready for such a thing to happen. She spent all those five days awake, and most of the time, worried about her mini friend. She never followed him outside unless he was too close to seeing Tammy the chocobo.

But now she didn't have to do all that. (Thank goodness experiments do end.) Though worrying so much and being awake for five days has really gotten to her. Around the  town Kohaku can be found in different trees. She had tried to get a few things done, but all she ended up doing was falling asleep in the tree, with her angel wings out, and gathering sunlight. And in the right position, it's quite easy to miss them, so she's very sorry if you have a face full of sparkly feathers. Any that fall off disappear before they hit the ground.

By early evening, she has gotten enough sleep, and sunlight, that she will happily look through, and do a little talking herself.]

I've been thinking about something for a few days now, and I can't seem to come up with a good answer....possibly for a few reasons, but hearing what others have to say would be very interesting, and if you don't mind...

What makes two people want to have a child? I have been on Earth for close to three hundred years, and I've never really gotten to ask anyone. I can't have a child, so it's just something I can't give myself such an answer.

[Filtered to Okita]

...I'm sorry if I did or said anything wrong the past five days...

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[Kohaku has been quiet for a decent amount of time to think. And with all that time to think, comes with thinking about everything that happened the first time she was here. With that time today, she props her journal sets for the journal by a nearby tree, knowing that it's on, but says nothing for a few minutes. It's almost impossible for her to ask this question...She won't talk too loud, but it's enough for people to hear her.]

Is it...Would it be considered strange for a person that can only fall in love once, for any sort of fall in love here, then back at home? I've been thinking about it for a while. Every way I think about it, it sounds like it shouldn't happen...

Oh, uhm...I may not have asked that right...if you have any questions about it, just ask.

...I know it's a weird question...maybe I shouldn't have asked...

[She honestly expects no one will answer, so she picks up her journal, and that's when she starts walking around town. But not in any normal sense of the word. Today, she actually looks more like an angel. Wings and floating around. (Though sometimes taking a random step, but that doesn't do anything. It just makes her look a little odd.

But while not in town, she can be found hopping over the bridge, and if not seeing her then, she can be found on the outside of the bridge, making ice swirls with any water she can pick up and set on the edge of the bridge.
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[The first thing one can see when looking in their journal, is Kohaku staring right back. It's obvious she's wet, and has quite a few spots of mud on her face, but if you watch her for long enough, it's pretty easy to tell she's not moving. Why? She is currently being held down by something! She can use her hands and feet just fine, but when she tries to get up...well, the only thing that happens is that she gets more mud on her face.

Eventually she stares at the book for too long though-]

Hello...I know it's kind of wet outside, and I think I'm stuck...or something heavy is on me, and I can't get up! I can't even turn around to see what it is...but I was wondering if someone could help. I would really like to be inside.

I understand if you don't want to help though. It's not very nice out.

[Although she doesn't like it, she could stay outside for the rest of the day without any problems, but laying in some mud, and grass is decently uncomfortable for her. Anybody walking around the edge of the forest should be able to spot her, since purple clothes don't exactly go with green! And if they watch her she looks like she's trying her very first push-up.(Which she kind of is) She doesn't get very high before she flops back down to the ground.

At least things can't get any worse!]

[ooc: She's just gone from 15lbs to 85lbs~ And sorry for  the repost. I looked at the calender.]

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[In this morning, it's quite easy to spot Kohaku up in a tree. With all the leaves missing, she can sit further to the top...just to stare at the sky. It's not easy to get much sunlight on days like this, which makes Kohaku sleepy, and quite hungry, and it being Winter, her least favorite time of the year isn't very helpful at all. Sadly it something not even milk or honey can fix. Though she isn't complaining. She's quite happy to sit in a tree for an hour or two. She has someone to talk to, after all.

Close to the middle of the day, even Kohaku can get bored, and wanting to start asking questions.]

I'm curious. Some things in my world seem so different than others, and I've found a few things that no one else can do. So does anyone have something from their world, that only they can do, or use? I know I can't be the only one.

[Later in the day, at first glance Kohaku seems to be laying flat on the ground, right in a pile of snow. On a closer examination, she's hovering quite a few inches off it, and carefully drawing pictures in the snow with her fingers. It's quite an interesting, yet very odd sight.] 

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[It's been over three weeks since Kohaku has come back here. All of her memories seem to be back...that she's aware of. And she's been out and around everywhere just about everyday since her first day back. Mostly she's been trying to find things to do, but since it is winter, her attempts at finding things to do just hasn't gotten her anywhere. Back home she had gotten used to having things to do. But here? She has no errands, and more importantly, she has no garden to take care of. And while she does like winter, spring is closer to her favorite. So today seems like a good day to ask for something to do, and she knows the perfect thing.]

Hello. To those that are taking care of the flower shop, I was wondering if I could help out too. I'm very good at taking care of plants, since I take care of a garden back home, and I miss that very much already. So if you say yes, I promise I'll do really good. I can even do all of the watering that's needed!

If not, I undertand. There's probably a few people there already.

[After asking, she can't help but feel a little anxious, since she really would like to be there and have something to do. So while she waits, she'll go looking for something to keep herself busy. And not long after, she's found herself at one of the bridges, and seeing that there's still some ice to walk on. So she'll walk down to the frozen water, setting her open journal on the grass near her as she steps onto the ice.

She never had the chance to walk on ice, especially since the only water back home by Shuichiro's house. People got mad at the children who would even look like they were about to try it.

So if you're nearby, there might be an interesting scene going on. She doesn't have the right shoes on for walking on ice.]

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[Early this nice morning, Kohaku had woken up very confused, with a whole jumble of new-ish memories. She didn't even start to walk around until she figured out how to make new holes in the back of her clothes again. But once she did, she found herself looking around the forest looking like a kid on Christmas morning. Oddly excited, oh so very curious, but very, very lost and confused. And instead of trying to remember anything so suddenly, she looks up to the tree she had been placed under.]

Might you know why I'm here? [The journal may not pick up any other sound than the wind, but Kohaku got one loud and clear.] Oh...that sounds familiar...Thank you.

[Once she got her answer, nothing else is heard over the journals. Instead she has started to roam, and memories of the forest had mostly came back to her as she almost instinctively finds her way to the village. Though by that time, she has already gathered a few friends.

As she walk around, it's almost impossible to not notice the pretty red birds. Each on one shoulder. And a bunny she's holding, carrying it ontop of her journal. Talking to them, and asking questions quite often. But she does have that confused look of a new feather, but at least not the clothes. Just don't mind her staring at you as you walk by, since she is trying her best to remember people now.

Eventually though, later in the day she can be found situated very neatly by the fountain, under a tree. Yes, sitting in the snow, still watching people, but she's finally remembers the most important thing. The book she's been carrying around all day!]

Uhm....hello? If I'm remembering this right, people can hear me!

I've been gone a very long time, but everything looks familiar so it might be longer for me than it was here. I would really like to know if some of my friends are still here, if that's not too much trouble.


Oh no, wait! I'm sorry, I'm supposed to introduce myself first... [She figures it's a bit too late, she she lets out an almost depressed sigh.] My name's Kohaku...I guess it's obvious I was here before now...

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Name: Kohaku
Fandom: WISH
Gender: N/A (Though since the manga refers to angels as females, I will too)
Age: 250+ (350+ if you count while she was asleep)
Time Period: Sometime between the end WISH, and Kobato
Wing Color: Light yellow


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